A bible open to the middle. Supernatural Christianity

Supernatural Christianity

Supernatural Christianity will focus on “The Gifts of the Holy Spirit“. And any other supernatural event or occurrence, like visions, dreams, angels, demons, etc. We believe Christianity is supernatural in nature. Supernatural Christianity deals with stories from the bible and stories from life will be included to pound home the belief that Christianity is supernatural.

We do not think it is possible to read the bible, see all the weird supernatural stuff and not think it couldn’t happen to you in your life.

I have a few questions for you.

Let’s say Jesus Christ physically died about 2,000 years ago.  Biblical scholars believe, as do I, that the age of the biblical mosaic law ended and a new order began with Jesus death and resurrection.

Here come the questions?

Did the sun and moon leave their orbits at that time?  NO!

Did gravity leave? NO!

Does giving birth to a baby still hurt? YES!

Sure these are physical realm issues, but never the less, they are overriding principles that have not changed – even with the change in the spiritual dynamics brought on by Jesus. Now, one of Jesus’ goals was to try and train the disciples how to do some of the things he did. He also taught them some of the new principles of the new covenant.

As bible believing Christians, which does suggest we are born again. We do believe that Jesus Christ came here to die for all sin as a sacrifice for all who would believe. You know, the heaven/hell thingy. The end result of our effort here is for all to be believers. This is not a subject matter that we will pursue too deeply. It is just not our focus.

Funny, but Heaven and Hell, and if they are real, exist in the supernatural realm.

Our Premise

Our premise is built on the Bible first – all 66 books, and personal experience. 66 books of the bible.