Christianity is Supernatural

Don’t kid yourself, Christianity is based on something that happened supernaturally, in the unseen realm. While Jesus Christ did come and walk in our physical world, everything he did affected and was directed to and for the spiritual world. Without a doubt, Christianity is supernatural.

The Old Testament and the New Testament from the Bible are full of events that defy logic, reason and physical laws. Of course, you have to believe that the bible is credible, believable and true.

So the prime tenet is this, there has to be a spiritual realm that supercedes the physical realm (earth, people, solar system, universe, multiverse). Which leads believers and non-believers alikeĀ to ponder and deal with angels, demons etc. but most importantly, come to a realization that JESUS is Real, True and Relevant.

Question: If the bible is true, where did Jesus come from?


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