This site is about Christianity focused on a supernatural spiritual point of view. We are not preoccupied with morals, theologies and personal characteristics, although these are important. Just not our focus.

We believe Christianity is and revolves around spiritual things NOT physical things.

We revolve around events and circumstances that happen to people in their everyday lives, backed up by stories from the bible.

It is the individual believer, the human being that interacts with a real God & a real Jesus in the spiritual dimension that has effect on anything. Everything revolves around this.

Me personally, I am NOT a random human, just like you aren’t. You and I have been meticulously thought out, created and placed here at this time for your and my purpose in life.

That is the journey, and you can follow that path with or without God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit in your life. I can’t argue this with you, it is just a fact. And I place NO guilt trip on you one way or the other, it is your choice, it is my choice. Which God I choose is MY choice, not yours.

Which God you choose is YOUR choice NOT mine.

About Peter

Peter has an over-ridding goal or principle. And that is, to introduce to you and anyone else who will listen, to a living breathing JESUS. Someone you can talk too and he with you(shocker). Once you are solid in your faith you should be shipped out of the nest and let go to live your life. Nothing bad will happen. Oh, you might experience the real things life brings but you won’t be black balled by the church. There is not and and should not be a guilt trip.


Do we have a Statement of Faith?

Yes we do. Coming soon. It’s not weird or creepy, just pretty basic.