Modern Christianity and Deception

Matthew 24:4 Jesus answered: “Watch out that no one deceives you.
So many denominations, sects, splinters, spin-offs, organizations, beliefs, doctrines, and theologies.

Makes Christianity look confusing when it really isn’t.

Modern Christianity and religion have become full of mistruth, untruth, fake truth, and maybe even NO Truth. Sadly, somehow, they and its leaders seem to have missed the point.

And that point is …
THERE IS A SPIRIT WORLD! A Supernatural Realm that takes precedence over the physical, and we have LOST this perspective.

The bible was inspired by God, the Holy Spirit, and revealed to men. Supposedly, all we have left today is the bible (sad, even though that, in and of itself, is good). What world did those inspirations come from? It must be the SPIRIT WORLD? That is where GOD exists. Are we to live with the remnants of those human writers’ thoughts? I don’t think so. Otherwise, we miss out on the real deal.

For me, as lovely as the bible is, I do not want a relationship with words on a page. I desire HIM.

The bible is also full of hundreds of interactions between men and the supernatural. This era has not ended, or JESUS has already come back, and we missed his return.

Why is this not the main focus of Christianity? What happened?
Did our Christian leadership become deceived? Misled.
Our lives should be a testament to the reality of the spirit world. When JESUS died on the cross – here – read this … I DARE YOU TO READ IT.
Matthew 27: 51-54 and then comment on our Facebook page.

The Centurian said, OOPS, looks like we blew it.

For one, I do not, have not, and will not participate in a fake gospel or a fake religion or a fake Christianity.

Christianity is about YOU and a personal relationship with a real and living God, the Holy Spirit, JESUS CHRIST the living GOD.

ONE on ONE. ME and HIM.

Let’s make this our Modern Christianity.